1. Frost/Arctic Cold and Wind Damage

We forecast the weather in your backyard, not at the airport! In fact, we can put our EWIN (ERF Weather Information Network) weather station right on your property. Unlike other systems, we designed EWIN specifically to meet your business needs.

2. Flood Predictions

Is it going to flood or isn't it? Don't wait for late breaking media reports. We will warn you well in advance so you can prepare. For example, we save farmers $millions in crop damage each year.

3. Irrigation Planning

Being based here in the Northwest, we understand the importance of making sound decisions regarding irrigation. Our EWIN station can help you track evaportranspiration rates and precipitation, and you can access satellite images using our Infonet e-mail system to graphically show you when critical weather systems are due.

4. Spray & Fertilizer

ERF weather reports are designed for making agricultural decision (such as when to use crop protection chemicals), unlike most reports adapted from aviation and shipping data.

5. Labor Scheduling

Unforeseen weather changes can be costly when it comes to scheduling labor. The primary feature of ERF is lead time - time to act!

6. Tilling - Planting - Heat Units

Daily fax reports, 24-hour on-line Infonet access, and site-specific data help you schedule tilling and planing and to forecast heat units to predict crop performance. ERF has the most comprehensive agricultural weather data program available to professonal farmers and nurserymen in the western United States.

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