1. Construction Materials

Materials – concrete, paving mix, roofing materials, paint – are expensive and can quickly be ruined by the wrong kind of weather. Know what weather to expect to determine when to order you resources.

2. Labor Needs

Manage your direct and subcontracted labor costs so you have the help you need when the weather is favorable, and so you aren't paying labor costs when the weather turns bad.

3. Performance Penalties

Running over a due date robs your project profitability. Use weather forecasts to keep your project on schedule.

4. Project Bidding and Contracts

Consider the impact of weather delays into your bidding process by factoring in long-range weather trends.

5. Informed Decision Making

Accurate forecasts can really help you decide whether to set up to work each day. Know what part of the day will allow you to work and what part of the day to avoid the outdoors.

6. Time Your Supplies

Many contractors have to order supplies like concrete and paving mix days in advance. Use weather forecasts to know when to get into line with your suppliers – or when to cancel.

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