ERF's Weather Information Network

EWIN is a cooperative program that supplies weather stations for deployment at key client locations throughout the Western U.S. and Southwest British Columbia. This provides the best microclimate information available.

Each EWIN station provides a wide range of weather data: temperature, wind chill, precipitation, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, and dew point.

We poll the weather stations via modem. Data collected is presented in a table format by our fax service or our new InfoNet.

ERF will supply each EWIN site with the weather station, including the microprocessor, sensors, wind cup and vane, and 50 feet of cable to each of the sensors. Also available are optional leaf wetness, solar radiation, and/or infrared temperature sensors. All EWIN stations are maintained by ERF.

Weather data is used for ERF's frost protection service and for input into disease and pest models.

We require a five-year commitment to ERF's year-round daily forecast service. Clients also need to supply AC power, a dedicated phone line, and installation.

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