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As a cherry grower in the State of Washington, I depend upon Phil Volker’s weather forecast to decide when to pick my cherry crop. It is critical to know if it is going to rain so I can get the optimum maturity of the fruit and minimize my risk. Phil’s advanced warnings give me time to arrange for helicopters to stand by and to prepare for frost protection and cooling of the fruit.

Kyle Mathison
Stemilt Growers

Your forecasting of rain, wind, valley fog, and cold are of interest to us in the fall, winter, and spring seasons. During the summer months we are more concerned about low humidity and how it will affect our timber management. In general, your forecasts help us to plan and be prepared for whatever mother nature might bring us. The following are some ways we find your forecast useful:

  • Day-to-day field work
  • Aerial spraying and fertilizing
  • Night time wildlife surveys
  • Slash burning
  • Tree planting and pre-commercial thinning
  • Flood control on our roadways

Mike Reynolds
Cascade Timber Consulting, Inc.
Sweet Home, OR

We don’t need to be applying fertilizer and then have a gully washer come along. Sometimes knowing what the weather is going to do three to five and 10 days ahead provides a feeling of confidence in what we’re doing and that’s what’s important. It gives us a barometer to plan ahead on our harvest. Farmers live and die by the weather. They (ERF reports) are always a great insight.

Hugh Gray
Hay and Grass Seed
Creswell, OR

A few years ago we heard about the ERF service from a fellow farmer. We decided to sign on for a six-month trial period. It has been two years now and we no longer have to rush home to catch the local forecast at 7 p.m. because we know it will be waiting for us at 6 a.m.

We find the ERF service to be extremely useful because our business is totally dependent on the weather. We use the 10-day forecast as a planning tool when we have large crews harvesting our crops. We find the extended range forecast very beneficial in our long-range planning to help us make decisions on planting and harvesting schedules.

Over the past two years we have found their weather trends forecasting to be very accurate. I would recommend ERF Company’s extended range forecasting service to absolutely anyone.

William Roozen
Vice President
Washington Bulb Co., Inc.

I met Phil Volker in 1991 and was convinced that ERF, Inc. could benefit Sunriver. Over the last six years we have safely relied on the daily updated 10-day forecast. We save money in scheduling road surfacing as well as on overtime during winter operations. During the winter of ’92 and ’93 our community experienced seven foot snow berms along side the roadways, and piles to the bottom of the street lights that were 14 feet tall. I had a personal call from Phil in August of ’92 telling me to get ready. Armed with that information, Sunriver never lost control of their 140 lane miles of roads and 240 cul-de-sacs. We were prepared for everything from approaching storms to warm Chinook winds that melt things down. The long range forecast system is absolutely vital in planning my entire year’s projects.

Patrick Whelan
Director of Public Works
Sunriver, OR

During the last 15-plus years I have used weather forecast information provided by Phil to make recommendations to my superintendents regarding the opening and/or closing of schools. An incorrect decision could effect the safety of the children who attend school in the district. Being able to talk with Phil during a weather event helps in making timely, well informed decisions.

Reg Clark
Edmonds School District

As a transportation logistics services provider we have a vested interest in weather forecasts. The National Weather Service does a good job, but in serving "everyone" it is difficult for the NWS to speculate too much in public. Phil and the people at ERF provide the gutsy interpretation that we need. They make it possible for "non-forecasters" to bridge public statements with the raw data available through Internet connections (available through ERF). Without Phil's guidance we’d be stuck with either the too generic or the too technical.

Bill Maris

For a number of reasons, Max operations are extremely vulnerable to freezing rain. Phil Volker of ERF understands our operating corridor and our need to respond aggressively – with a lot of overtime and entirely different service plan – to a forecast for freezing rain. We consult with him regularly, and the accuracy of his forecasts have guided our efforts very effectively.

Terry Dolan
Max Light Rail
Portland, OR

I have used the ERF weather forecasting service since 1991 while employed as the golf Course Superintendent at Columbia Edgewater Country Club and with my current employer, Oswego Lake Country Club, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Typically, I review the daily forecast first thing in the morning, and pay particular attention to the current day’s forecast and the three days following the current one. I then schedule the current day’s as well as the next two to five days’ maintenance activities based upon the ERF forecast. Arctic storms can be particularly devastating to putting greens in our area. I need at least three days advance warning prior to the onset of arctic weather to place protective blankets on the putting greens to protect them from water damage. Phil Volker does an outstanding job at predicting arctic storms early enough so that proper protective measures can be employed prior to the onset of the storm.

The Food an Beverage manager at Oswego Lake Country Club also used the service to predict member usage at the Club, which is highly weather-dependent.

The ERF Company weather forecasting service provides an invaluable tool, one that I depend on every day to assist me in making the proper short and long range management decisions in a profession that is greatly affected by the weather.

Bob Senseman, CGGS
Oswego Lake Country Club

Weather is one of the most important elements of uncertainty and has significant implications to the electric utility business of load and resource management. Despite the notation that weather is a random variable, weather forecasting offers valuable insight to a variety of issues ‘resource planners’ must routinely consider:

  • franchise load variability
  • potential extreme weather conditions
  • streamflow fluctuations

Water management issues are becoming increasingly complex. Heightened awareness and confidence in weather related impacts on streamflow, provide critical insights to balancing multiple use objectives.

Mark Smith
Pacific Power & Light

At Benge Construction Company, we use ERF's weather service as a competitive edge. It is a tool used daily, especially during the wet months. It starts with the early morning forecast faxed to us daily and continues throughout the day with occasional phone calls to pinpoint our window of opportunity. This has allowed us to take calculated risks that have paid off.

Sam Manley
Benge Construction

Oregon weather is very important to Buckaroo-Thermoseal, Inc.'s daily installation of commercial and industrial types of roofing system. ERF’s professional daily weather reports provide Buckaroo-Thermoseal, Inc. with that very important information.

Arnold W. Schmautz
Portland, OR

We’ve found this to be a valuable service for over 20 years. Not only do we rely on the weather infomration in the winter for snow and ice but have found real value year round for our paving and slurry programs, and also in helping us schedule weather sensitive projects.

Toby Widmer
Bureau of Maintenance
City of Portland, OR

I am a trial lawyer focusing on catastrophic injury cases. Recently I was honored with the National Trial Lawyer of the Year award in San Diego. I have know Phil Volker more than 10 years, and during that time I have consulted with him and ERF on numerous occasions. Weather issues often work their way into cases. What were road conditions like on a given day and place? What was the temperature? Was it still light out? Was it cloudy or sunny, etc.? Phil has even testified not only for me but for others as well. Juries find him credible, sincere, and knowledgeable. They also find meteorological testimony interesting. Plainly, I highly recommend ERF.

Lawrence Baron
Trial Lawyer

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