1. Plan Your Resources

Use knowledgeable experts to help you make certain you have materials and supplies WHEN YOU NEED THEM – but don't carry unnecessary (costly) inventory.

2. Have Your Staff in Place

What is more costly: NOT enough staff when you need them, OR having too much help with not enough to do? Use weather forecasts to balance your labor requirements so you can get the best efficiency from
your payroll.

3. Advertising

Long range forecasts help you capitalize on the weather to squeeze the most from you advertising dollars by making your message compatible and consistent with the weather.

4. Good Customer Relations

Be able to tell your guests making reservations what to expect upon their arrival.

5. Guest Services

Set yourself apart from your competition by providing guests a weather forecast to help them plan their events.

6. Safety

Use weather forecasts to prepare for weather events that could jeopardize guest safety or your own.

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