1. Plan Work Around the Weather

We forecast weather for where you are, not at the local airport. Some clients participate in ERF's EWIN (ERF Weather Information Network) weather station program, putting a weather station at key locations to monitor important weather conditions.

2. Safety

Know what the weather conditions are going to be before you send your crew out – with ample lead time to make preparations or change schedules. The first step to insuring safety is knowing what you will encounter.

3. Labor Scheduling

Extended Range Forecasting gives you a tool to use to schedule when you need your help – and avoiding costly overtime expenses when you don't.

4. Maintenance Planning

Plan when to close roads for work or take important equipment out of service for maintenance.

5. Big Projects

Long-term projects can be particularly tough to prepare a bid for and plan. Factor long-range weather trends into project bids, scheduling subcontractors, etc.

6. Peace of Mind

Eliminate – or at least manage – the one variable you can't control by knowing just what the weather is expected to do. Reduce your stress !!

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